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We have been working with e4k since the commencement of our company in 2007.  Since then we have had a mutually beneficial relationship working with for e4k and using the Echo SCM system.

The system has been scalable and as our business has grown in staff and complexity,  so has the system.  It was good to know that we had chosen the right to company to work with.

It was also a benefit that e4k already had knowledge of our sector and challenges and issues we had were addressed quickly and with relative ease.

As with most systems, there will be issues and the support from e4k has been great in dealing and sorting these out.

With the advent of the online system, this really has been an added value in growing our business and reducing our overheads. We have a high proportion of our large and small clients using this module.

Our website and online marketing are also carried by e4k, this shows the breadth of experience and skills they have under one roof.

We have been able to streamline our processes using the Echo SCM system. The cost savings have definitely been made. I would recommend e4k and their ethos and systems to all interested parties.

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We have been working with e4k for several years now. We have a close working relationship where they not only provide us with a website but guide us with ideas and keep our solution update with all technological developments.

Zero Clips has grown alongside e4k and over the years we have seen them go strength from strength. Their attitude is very much to get on with things and bring solutions to the forefront and not sit on the fence.

One of the many advantages of partnering with e4k is that they deliver and meet timescales that are created.

We now are working through our 3rd version of the website and also are planning to create another platform which will allow us to venture into the USA and European markets. We are working together to create a marketing strategy it gives us great confidence that e4k is more than just a Web Design company they are fully structured Digital Design Agency that delivers innovation across multiple platforms.