The Right ERP Software for Your Apparel Business

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ERP Software for the Apparel Industry

The apparel industry is constantly evolving, therefore, selecting the right ERP software for your business is a crucial decision. To achieve in this competitive industry, having the correct software and technology in place is vital.

EchoSCM – The Apparel Management Software

e4k provides a fully integrated order and production processing management system for apparel manufacturers, importers, and suppliers that allows your business to seamlessly operate daily.

The software EchoSCM is a robust and affordable tailored application to fulfil your business needs and develop with you as you grow.

EchoSCM ERP software was designed specifically focusing on the needs of the apparel industry and fashion retailers; with over 20 years’ experience, we understand the industry and what it takes for a business to achieve.

Offering a solution for each department of your business including an integrated customer web portal for your clients, we are committed to providing you ongoing support during and after implementation.

We use our knowledge to understand and help you get the best out of your potential and achieve your goals through our solution.

EchoSCM – Customer Web Portal

There is no longer a need for a large ordering process team as the integrated web portal offers your customers 24/7 hour access to place their orders and maximize your sales.

Each of the platforms is configured and easily tailored to your customers brand and identity. The secure password-authenticated portal is not just online ordering but provides order history, run reports and much more.

With multiple product ordering views; we allow you to have full control over web portals, so you can decide what products you want to sell to which customer.

Our various levels of budget controls can manage the expenditure for your clients; we can implement approval stages from different ranks of hierarchy giving them full control of the platform.

Supporting you in managing each aspect of your apparel business, starting from design and following through to delivery.

EchoSCM ERP provides you with improved control and end to end visibility with our integrated system. Our apparel solution captures the requirements of the industry, providing you with the data to stay one step ahead. 

Long Term Partnerships

Our aim is to pave the way for our customers so they can accelerate their potential. In order to fulfill this objective, we develop long-term business relationships with each of our customers.

We work closely with our clients understanding and obtaining their requirements and tailor our solution to fit their needs. We discuss the goals of each project of our clients and understand the importance and how it will impact your business.

Each project is scoped thoroughly so the correct solution is provided.  Being a small business ourselves, we are aware of the challenges that our customers can experience, we will support you in resolving any issues with innovative, robust and affordable solutions.

Our aim is to increase visibility, flexibility, and efficiencies in your business by streamlining your operations so you can strive.

What does EchoSCM ERP Software offer?

ERP Software for the Apparel Industry capabilities diagram

Ideal for any fashion and apparel organisations, EchoSCM is the perfect ERP software for a growing business looking to integrate and manage their daily processes all from one solution.

Our wide range of functions offers everything you need to manage your business activities. From order processing to dispatching, raw materials to manufacturing and so much more, EchoSCM is the ideal ERP software solution for increasing productivity, enhancing customer satisfaction and maximizing profitability for your apparel business.

We work with our clients so they can build relationships with their customers. We provide flexibility with Echo by allowing our software to smoothly integrate with other websites and ERPs such as Oracle & SAP. Our punch-out or punch-in integration method will streamline the ordering process hassle-free

Our specialist software developers endlessly query the requirements of our clients to establish where we should be from a software perspective. We think ahead and look at industry trends to see how we can enhance our technology for our client base.

Integrity, honesty, and commitment are embedded in our business nature. We take pride in every opportunity we have and grasp each customer demand and go above and beyond to achieve.

  • Software development often takes months to implement from the first stage of scoping. We do not invoice for any software enhancement until our clients have gone through a testing and feedback process and are happy with the new solution.
  • We are specialists at supporting clients in the transition of moving from their old system, transitioning the data seamlessly as possible.
  • We regularly are adding features to our application. The majority of these features are upon request from our clients so each business has its own tailored solution for their needs.

For any queries or to book a demonstration of EchoSCM please do not hesitate to contact us: Call:  0121 66 66 534 or email: